The 7 Pillars of Divine Nature


30 Second Glimpse

When I ran across this very short and impactful sequence of information I was astounded as to the effect it has on anyone interested. These offer a level of clarity that open our eyes to see much more clearly. The only real question is DO I WANT MORE OF GOD? There are seven pillars that are guaranteed, by Peter, to impact anyone that will apply them. 


Pillar #2 • KNOWLEDGE 

Pillar #3 • SELF-CONTROL 


Pillar #5 • GODLINESS 


Pillar #7 • LOVE 

Why would I be interested?

Many people are already saved, however too many of those are unaware of the effect of these seven pillars. Peter is disclosing information to alert, encourage, and build us up. Everyone says they want more of God! Every time I show this banner people’s eyes light up. In discussion everyone has an affinity to want more of God and have great stories on the subject. 

What Will I Get?

Everyone who knows these has their confidence built up, impacting the way they live their lives. These truths will beneficially impact anyone, because by applying them, we are removing the blockages that reduce divine nature heavenly benefits. The subject matter intrigued me. After cross referencing the verses and their meaning I began to document the text ideas. Take a look and see for yourself how these 7 pillars guarantee you will never stumble & how God has already opened wide the heavenly benefits. 

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