Why is this so important?

All endeavors succeed or fail based on the standards utilized on each project.  

Ask any engineer about compliance usage of known standards for best results. Successful manufacturing modifies their process to the standard. They don't modify the standard to their process. Check into standards for engineering, accounting, biology, etc.. Compliance to these are mandatory today because all of the core processes and many derivations are effected by each of these. That is also why there are so many “shifts” in manufacturing and processes upon new discoveries. They are added to correct old methods and expand new capabilities. 

Likewise, standards are important in the kingdom of God. Especially since all flesh and material are subject to the spiritual (created from and can be modified by). Why is this so important? When Jesus came down to earth He delivered a new set of standards, from heaven. Jesus' kingdom standards are real, and offer values that, when complied with, garner great results. Nonetheless the implications are the same, and that is to know God's standards and adherence and compliance to them does bring success.  

What is so remarkable about it?

It's remarkable that we can find spiritual standards today that have the ability to deliver the level of success that we can have today, through Jesus Christ. What's more remarkable is how so many are unaware of these standards. What is not remarkable is that darkness continues to hide or cover the light, and deploy strategies to make Jesus and His standards politically incorrect and intellectually unacceptable. Remember the kingdom standards are sourced from the omniscience of God' infinity, not mankind's finiteness. To think that God would offer this level of intelligence IS REMARKABLE IN ITSELF! 

How does this effect me?

Jesus demonstrated the significant effects of heavenly standards with numerous miracles, signs, and wonders. These standards do have an effect when applied under the right principles. There are keys to these standards. 

Each of us have been given a set of keys to understand our potential and to fulfill our destiny. Each set of keys comes with standards and a tutor to teach, guide, and empower them. It is up to each of us to make it a personal priority to know this, and to initiate class time with Holy Spirit. Once connected, the benefits can ensue. Again, these standards will effect me, if I know them, and if I apply them, like other realms.  



This book is produced to document and distribute truths I have found significantly impactful, for the purposes of demonstrating the gospel of Jesus. I'm sharing some experiential truthful factors that helped me answer some relevant questions about recognizing how Jesus is the appropriate example for saints to follow.  


Experiential Testimonials



The reason this book was written was to supply these testimonial values to humanity and maybe impact them towards how real the absolute effect of Gods kingdom can be here on earth.


This type of book has only one source, God. So I'm very gratified to know Him, and to experience and witness this level of activity. I'm also sincerely grateful for the saints who went before me to inform and encourage me. They inspired me to take a chance and see what would happen. 


Testimonials and witnessing experiences is brought to you by the finished works of Jesus Christ and the administration of Holy Spirit’s gifts, and experienced and reported by TW Kill.

The following reports are submitted to inform and encourage all people to see the reality of the finished work of Jesus Christ and how He is alive today. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega and continually demonstrates how He loves all humanity by saving, healing, prospering and so many other positive values. My motivation in sharing is to help others to have confidence in God, to shift from the carnal to the divine nature, and to experience these for yourself.  

Receiving Jesus, as Savior is the most important decision any human can ever make. Recognizing His finished work and the adjoining attributes that affect all human beings is very important too. The new covenant can never be broken. It can be denied, ignored, rejected, or even discouraged, but it can never be broken. All of us are supposed to help each other get reconciled to God, so I'm hoping these help to accomplish that.  

What Is The Secret?

There are no secrets to being fruitful in Christ. However, there are stalemates and deadlocks that could seem to cause the appearance of secrets. The flesh and the will are often the two conflicting blockages to breakthrough.  Once recognized, we can begin to address each, overcome the issues, and then move into overriding the enemy.  Mortification of the flesh (delaying gratification, etc.) and the edification of the spirit and Word of God can effect the divine natures ability to overcome and overrule temptations and symptoms. 

Truth and knowledge build our belief. These require time and dedication. Our belief system is what we draw our faith from. Faith is a substance and does produce results. Our results are in direct correlation to what our truth is, and what we believe. My report "Authorized" outlines and relays tactical explanations and may be able to help those interested in my findings. 

Jesus’ instructed some nonnegotiable mandatory requirements for Saints to know and to do, for effectiveness, which increases dramatically when we abide in Him and His teachings abide is us.

That system of sin, shame, and guilt was destroyed by Jesus for all humanity to embrace Gods many gifts, to bypass death, and enter into a brand new life! Don’t be deceived, just receive. Embracing, denying, or delaying evaluation of God’s gospel offer of Jesus’ finished work on the cross is everyones personal decision and choice. Choose wisely! 

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Panera Bread Two Knee Cartilage Reinstatement


While having lunch we were discussing intentional discretionary authority (using your free will to initiate a healing event). As we ate, an electrician came in with very large knee pads, like the one tile setters where. I thought it odd that he was wearing these to walk in, so I asked him about it. He told us that he wore them for protection, because he lost both cartilages months earlier when he fell off a ladder, landing on his feet. His medical provider was unwilling to provide implants, due to each cartilage having a short life cycle, so they were making him wait. I asked about the pain level and he said he was in chronic pain, coping as best he could. We went back to eating... 


As I turned to face my lunch partner, Holy Spirit put a hook in my mouth and spun me right back around facing the tradesman. My lunch partner and I went over to him and began discussing healing, upon where the tradesman stated he was a Christian, and his church was praying.   

So I asked him if he wanted new knees now, without the surgery. At this point he volunteered he was a christian and fully believed! He asked me how it worked. I instructed him to close his eyes, put his head back and just receive. John and I asked him to receive, he put his head back and Holy Spirit wrapped his legs with a finely tuned pressure and warmth.   

We never prayed, just waited and witnessed His presence all over this man. Holy Spirit manifested a spiritual version of ace bandages from his feet, up his legs to his hips, pulsating his cells, regenerating new life. The results were his legs received tingles, his pain left, his muscle strengthened and his cartilage was renewed! After 15 minutes, his cell phone rang and he responded to it by "popping out" of the chair (like a child). After the call, he test his knees with both bending forward and deep knee squats and all was well. No pain and perfect agility!   

After he realized what happened, he turns to us and asked us why he can't do that. Holy Spirit instructed me to talk to him about intentional infilling, by praying in tongues. He said he once tried it for a few minutes but nothing happened. I explained the difference. He was interested, so back in the chair he went, head back and began to initiate the infilling. Holy Spirit asked me to make sure he got it this time. I spent another 15 minutes with him.   


In a public restaurant, replacing distressed body parts in this body, Jesus is just the best.  It was more than interesting how this event happened.  I never thought that a discussion of discretionary authority would wind up as a “show and tell”.  In reality, I knew when Holy Spirit put the hook in my mouth, He was doing something already, and wanted to involve us. 

Once in front of the man, 

I just knew He was doing a creative miracle, and sat back and witnessed it!  

When Jesus said, "on earth, as it is in heaven", we see it manifesting as “on earth, in someone's cells”, as it is in heaven!   

Office Visit Deliverance


To say that God’s ways are above our ways is an understatement. We don’t even begin to think in terms of His ways. My wife and I were in an office doing some business and then God, completely unknown and unprepared by us, began to unfold His plans for somebody. 


We went into an office to run some business errands and then were finished. As we were about to leave, I heard a voice instructing me to stay and minister. I knew Who it was and immediately reminded Him that we were in an office where foot traffic, phones and passers by would interrupt. Sometimes I’m so stupid. Why would I even think of reminding God of circumstances. God closed the office to foot traffic, silenced the phones so we could minister and free up a young lady who was being victimized way too long.  

I stood on the retail side of the bannister and addressed this young lady by asking her if she had been praying looking for help. She looked up surprised and said yes! Then I told her God just asked us to help her. Not knowing what the issues were or why, I knew He would “fill in the blanks” and direct me. So after multiple questions and answers and waiting on God, speaking in tongues under my breath, she was getting the reason I was there and began to breakdown, cry and reveal to me the horrid details of what happened and how the demons had tormented her. It was so bad that this young lady, who was being tormented had to step down from her worship ministry slot because she lost her voice.   

I’m not going to give the details of the suppression, but suffice it to say, she was molested as a very young girl (3-4) and the demon kept manifesting. She thought her Dad did not protect her, and had a very bad attitude toward him. In reality he was unaware of any of this.   

When Holy Spirit revealed to her exactly what happened to her, when and by who, she began to speak it out and when she got to the who, I said to her, “And his name was Bill”. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her jaw dropped, “how did you know?” she asked. Holy Spirit told me an hour ago and I was waiting for the light to hit the darkness. At that point we dismissed all the demonic influence and delivered her from her captivity. She was so ashamed at her attitude toward her Dad, and repented to us and could not wait to repent to him as well. Then I asked her to sing a few bars and she did and it sounded like an angelic choir radiating from heaven. Glory!  


This woman was in a Charismatic Church that boasted all the gifts of the Spirit, but apparently God had His reasons to cause her deliverance outside that church environment. Maybe safety issues among the people there, maybe privacy issues for the young girl. Whatever the reasons, He rescued her and put her right back into service when the enemy thought he was going to snub here ministry. We just never know and can only try to be ready to help when we can. Jesus really does love each of us!  

Terminal Liver Cancer Dissolved


Up until this point in my ministry, there had been a long line of illnesses, realizing failure and there was almost no breakthrough on any terminal illnesses yet. I was pretty tired of it so I changed my “MO”. The adjustment I made was to abandon what I knew and trade it in for knowing Holy Spirit. I knew what the Word says; now I needed to know Him, the Author. ALL of the mighty men and women of God who were successfully demonstrating the greater works had one thing in common, they focused on God alone. In a manner of a few days of quietly waiting on God, practicing tongues and talking to Holy Spirit 1 on 1, the following testimonial took place. This is the model Jesus taught and Paul practiced. It is for everybody. Be encouraged!  


The phone rang. It was a Tuesday afternoon and a very hysterical lady had called reporting that her husband was in a lot of pain. They had just returned from his doctor, who had introduced her to the local undertaker because her husband only had 24 to 48 hours to live. 

She reported to me the level pain was so bad and she asked me if I could come over to her home and pray for him on Thursday. Well I said no to Thursday because I wanted to go as soon as I could. This pain from cancer needed the mercy of God to come to his home ASAP. Besides, by Thursday he could be dead with such a terminal condition. So she agreed. She was being sensitive to my personal schedule, which was very sweet. 

On Tuesday evening my wife and I arrived around six o'clock. We also met with a friend of the wife who was a prayer warrior lady who had been praying for the sick for a long time as well. Together we started to intercede on the man’s behalf, and we fought and we fought and we fought it out. We kept taking turns, rotating, always with fresh information from Holy Spirit. After about 2 and one half hours, Holy Spirit asked me to “deputize him” (a retired law officer). I had never heard of that before so I told the patient that Holy Spirit is deputizing you. In a few seconds the man, who had been limp in a chair, was up on his feet and toes, arms reaching up, as if to signal “TOUCH DOWN!”  His symptoms were gone! I really didn't know how to deal with something like this. Some would say I had no grid to deal with this level of activity.  


Later I realized that this strategy (to deputize him), was to get him to receive. This was his language, he was in law enforcement. I am so glad I am able to hear His direction and do what I am instructed. A month later, the couple both stopped by my house and announced that their doctor confirmed his liver was cancer free and brand new! So he went from “hospice to healed!” The Jesus one-step program! God is so good, dependable and kind to facilitate His gifts and power from our faith and words! Jesus really did finish His work at the cross. All glory to God! Thank You Jesus and Holy Spirit!  

ICU Escort Testimonial


This testimonial was personally experienced by TW Kill at Marian Hospital in Santa Maria, CA, in 2010. It is inspired by Holy Spirit to report that Jesus is alive and Holy Spirit is busy administrating His gifts and to encourage all others to be free to experience the same. I knew this woman was in the hospital with an affliction, a heart disorder. I also knew she was too young, active, and it just did not seem to “add up”. I would have never guessed the following could happen.  


I have a single mom friend who was in the hospital with a heart issue. When driving by the hospital, I was 'directed' by Holy Spirit to go into ICU and release her from the hospital and then drive her home. This was all done out of obedience (not knowing what would happen).   

When I arrived, I mentioned why I was there, how Holy Spirit was releasing her from the hospital and I was driving her home. After she had a long look of bewilderment and began to ask questions, I told her to dial down and just watch because I had no more information. Then we discussed other things & got caught up.

About an hour later, the RN visited with a 1-2 inch stack of papers, announcing that:  

  1. all pharmaceuticals were canceled, 
  2. the diagnosis was overturned, 
  3. she was released from the hospital,
  4. she was to see her General Practitioner the following week

Astonished, she reacted by calling her daughter to ask her for a ride home, but her daughter was out of town. At this point, she turned to me and said, "I guess you’re giving me a ride home too"!

At this point, I waited outside the ICU room, in the corridor area, for her to get dressed, collect her things, and then assisted her to the car and escorted her home. She was comforted by the gift of friendship and faithfulness presented by God that day. 


God is so good, dependable, kind, and He has His way of stretching all of us! This assignment was a stretch for me to implement and also for her to receive. Holy Spirit creatively demonstrates His gifts and does have His way! Jesus really did finish His work at the cross. Jesus said we would experience these works (John 14:12). Thank You Jesus and Holy Spirit!