Jesus' Inaugural Address


Why is this important?

England's Magna Carta ‘Great Charter of Freedoms' (considered one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy), and the colonist's Declaration of Independence gave birth to political movements of historical magnitude. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount or Declaration of Kingdom Doctrines gave birth to a Spiritual movement with humanitarian and eternal significance. The importance of the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence are self-evident, however Jesus’ declarations carry far weightier personal, civic, and corporate significance.

Jesus teachings are sacred, but more than that, they are extremely interesting to see what He had to say, and how He addressed policy. His Sermon on the Mount has significant ramifications on many issues. I loved the revelation He delivers. As a son, heir, and adopted child of God, I am studying these things and sharing them, with many cross references, to help increase the enlightenment Jesus delivered to mankind.  

How would this be of interest to me?

What if you knew that your individual loyalty to God carried significant financial benefits? God does take care of His children. He favors and influences people that can impact each of us. So if you knew this to be true, would you shift your attention toward leveraging that?  


In the world, effectiveness is everything, but sincerity is almost insignificant. In the kingdom sincerity and loyalty are the top ultimate Godliness qualities and effectiveness isn't as important. God really doesn’t need for us to be so effective, as He wants our attention, our unity and conformity to relay His agenda through our own personality. Once we understand and begin a more transparent relationship with God, His impact ensues.  

What values will I derive after reading this book?

Operating from new benchmarks takes time, awareness and activation to overcome issues and crossover thresholds. Theses declarations offer significant intelligence that will bring peace for an eternal future in Christ and will also bring the favor of God upon our current life. Knowing that we have already passed out of death and into life, we see that salvation is THE MAJOR lifetime transition.  

When our earthly life concludes the roots of that salvation continue to carry our divine nature into heavenly eternity. However, while we are still on earth:

  1. There are issues to face and sin to overcome 
  2. Truth to find and activate to access God’s favor 
  3. Intellectual and experiential thresholds to crossover 
  4. New benchmarks to operate from (such as a saint, not a sinner

Jesus' teachings offer the guidance, knowledge, and understanding needed to succeed in this journey.  

How will this book impact me, my family, my work, my sphere of influence?

Fundamentals are always primary. A student can't learn algebra before they learn math. These are important, or Jesus wouldn't have taught them initially. The reason so many fall, fail, and become retarded to spiritual maturity is that they never took into account these basics. 

In everything lack of knowledge and truth can and does obstruct clarity and misdirect us away from successful profits and benefits!  

Jesus even explains in item #25, 7:24-27 the difference between those who are wise and those who are foolish. It's remarkable how few pay attention. If more did, every civil citizenry would be more unified, with more of a heavenly standard, less problematic, smaller government, and much more solvent. 

Longterm, this is the best investment we can make! A very quick analysis of how this will affect me is in two areas. The first is item #24. I just don't want to hear “Depart from me”. I am willing to make it a priority to avoid that. I'd much rather hear “welcome good and faithful servant”

The other issues that effects me are items #21-23, which give clear boundaries, guidance, and projections. Nobody can say Jesus didn't clearly identify these!  Saying I didn't know is futile. As the old saying goes, being for-warned is being for-armed!  These effect me today, tomorrow, & forever. Jesus already laid the groundwork for everyone to enter in and prosper. It is possible for everyone to receive God’s favor and abundant life here on earth. Review the Table of Contents below and see for yourself what Jesus brought from heaven. 

Table of Contents


#1) The Beatitudes - Fundamental Foundational Footings

#2) The Similitudes – Christians Are Salt & Light Because They’ve Entered Into Jesus

#3) Jesus Has Already Fulfilled The Law And Made It Obsolete For Saints 

#4) Murder – Anger – Slander - All Deal Killers For God! 

#5) Adultery – Every Marital Relationship Is Under Permanent Fidelity 

#6) Divorce – Represents Dissolution & Severance 

#7) Vows – Is Our Word Trusted? 

#8) Retaliation – An “Eye For Eye” Was Retired By Jesus

#9) Love Your Enemies


#10) Almsgiving – Giving To The Needy 

#11) Prayer - A Personal Dialogue With God 

#12) Forgiveness - Who Is This Really For? 

#13) Fasting - Private Prayer & Fasting Edifies Saints 

#14) Real Wealth - Which Accounts Drive The Best Return?

#15) Light & Darkness Signifies Wide & Narrow Road Issues 

#16) Two Masters: God or Mammon? 

#17) Do Not Worry - Trust God, He Is Worthy! 


#18) Judging Others Poisons The Judge! 

#19) Pearls Represents Jesus Warning On What Keep Private 

#20) Ask – Seek - Knock - Encouragement To Persevere 

#21) Golden Rule 

#22) Two Ways Of Life: Sinner Or Saint, Wide Or Narrow Road? 

#23) False & True Teachers: Shepherds Or Hirelings 

#24) True Way Into The Kingdom: Experiential Or Superficial? 

#25) Rock or Sand: Entering Into Abiding In Jesus Or Not 

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Kingdom Family


Reason for this book

This title represents the roles of God and the implications toward the saints made by John. This letter was to set truthful things straight then, from a radical heretical assault on the church by corrupted church leaders. The Apostle John was met with false teaching, a politically correct revisionism that denied that Jesus actually came in the flesh, and denied He did actually atone for our sins. It appears Satan didn't waste any time infiltrating the church, falsifying factors, denying people direct access to God, to keep them under legal bondage.

First John was reported to rebuke Satan and His lies of Gnosticism and Docetism. Of course Satan tried to go after the two most important factors that Jesus accomplished;

1. virgin birth perfection to carry His Fathers blood that qualified Him for atonement

2. atonement that reconciled all humanity directly to God, breaking Satan's power

Why would I be interested in this book?

How do you prove the truth? By an eyewitness verbal and written report for all to see, read, and to then really know the truth. Judging from John's work here, Jesus had John stepping up and countering the satanic strategy being used within the church at that time.

John also addresses some other interesting factors;

  • Christ's atonement was sufficient to reconcile God to mankind, and all humanity to each other, in complete unity, where we care for one another
  • Christ Himself is now advocating for all humanity now
  • Christians have direct fellowship with God, unencumbered by human mediation
  • Christianity has fellowship with one another, in unity, without divisiveness
  • Christianity works within agape love, purity, holiness, obedience, and faith

What values will I receive and be able to activate and utilize after reading this book?

This report was designed to facilitate growth toward overcoming and doing the natural and supernatural works of God. It's not meant for casual entertainment reading. I hope this process is immediately accretive, and adds benefits to you. I’ve witnessed that there are many “scores” that need to be settled within our heart, which can only be reached and settled by Holy Spirit, and by our intentional effort to slowly meditate on His truth. This time of meditation truly has the ability to marinate deeply into our mind and spirit, to relieve us of any blockages and help us grow, if and when we are attentive with application. Even though we are Brand New Creations in Christ, as saints, regeneration is the effort exerted to mortify carnality and edify our divine nature.

The identification and relief of any blockages to help us grow in God may be the best value to receive and activate. We all have issues and we all could benefit from this information, if we are ready. 

How will this book impact me, my family, my work, my sphere of influence?

It would be nice if we could become regenerated emotionally and intellectually upon our salvation confession. 

Our spirit is made perfect, qualifying us for eternal life, but our mind and emotions need serious help for many of us. Being that God is Love, Light, and Life, and that every saint is “in Him”, you’d think an easier transition would apply, but the Bible talks about regeneration because it requires intentional effort, just like our work, school, relationships, etc. As we apply John’s teachings, there is an impact on ourself, family, associates, as well as the rest of our sphere of influence. 

Our regeneration is from Jesus’ righteousness and our effort to read, recognize, and decide to activate these concepts John is teaching. The practical expression of love results in assurance before God and answered prayers because the believer is walking in God's ways to believe in Christ and love one another. If and when we choose love, forgiveness, mercy, non-judgement, we’re operating in kingdom dynamics and operating at one with God. He notices and answers. It has been reported widely that for new knowledge to take effect, multiple impressions, repeated review and meditation are required. First review of data has 10% retention, second review can earn 30% retention and a third review can earn up to 80% retention. Note that God's fourth pillar of Divine Nature is perseverance; “and in your self-control, perseverance”. (2 Peter 1:6)

Table of Contents


Full Circle Christianity    

1 John Chapter One • Introduction 

The Condition For Fellowship • Living In The Light 

Confession Of Sin 

Recap Points Q & A & Retention Section


Obedience To His Commandments 

Love For One Another 

Love Of The World

Spirit Of The Antichrist

Purity Of Life

Recap Points Q & A & Retention Section


Living As Children Of God 

Practice Of Righteousness 

Love One Another In Deed And Truth 

The Mystery Of Divine Love

Ask What You Would 

Recap Points Q & A & Retention Section 


Testing The Spirits & Discerning False Prophets 

Love As Christ Loved 

God Willed Christ Coming Into This World

Recap Points Q & A & Retention Section 


Faith In The Son Of God 

Victory Over The World 

Assurance Of Salvation 

Believe God's Testimony About His Son 

Guidance In Prayer 

Freedom From Habitual Sins 

Practice Of Liberty; Love One Another 

Recap Points Q & A & Retention Section 

Personal Commentary 

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Jesus' Exhortations & Warnings


Reasons for this book:

Jesus made it important to visit His own brother, even from Heaven, to impress upon James to supply this level of intelligence to His body. So I'm thinking this is very important for me to know about it as well. 

James sends this report to exhort and encourage believers on issues that really need sorting out to enhance their ability to succeed, and stop being deceived. James wants Christians to become aware of these issues and mature in real truth, and to build an unwavering backbone to succeed

Why would I be interested in this book?

James has taken on the task of dealing with some very important unsavory issues that Jesus wanted reported to the church. Take a look at them below: 

1. All oppressors are marked by God 

2. Idolization of earthly treasure is in vain 

3. Real reasons for war and division 

4. Necessity of a heartfelt confession 

5. The temptation-to-death cycle 

6. What reveals pure deception? 

7. What may expose an ineffectual salvation? 

8. Pandering, profiling, partiality, judgment 

9. Bad deeds / good deeds dynamics 

10. God meant for humanity to overcome sin 

11. Answers vs. denial of prayer requests 

12. Doer of Word accurate identification 

13. Real retirement is true salvation 

14. God’s most valued goals for His children 

15. Root vs. fruit identification (Faith vs. works) 

16. Jesus’ expectations of His followers 

17. Strong vs. weak character 

18. The most effective of all reactions 

19. All Christians are expected to intervene 

20. How my thoughts and words affect my life 

I was surprised at the depth of impact James has made on these subjects. He also distinguished the terms doer and doing, in order for saints to acknowledge and activate these, to help fulfill their destiny. 

What values will I receive and be able to activate and utilize after reading this book?

Matthew Henry Commentary Introduction 

This epistle of James is one of the most instructive writings in the New Testament. Being chiefly directed against particular errors at that time brought in among the Jewish Christians, it does not contain the same full doctrinal statements as the other epistles, but it presents an admirable summary of the practical duties of all believers. The leading truths of Christianity are set forth throughout; and on attentive consideration, it will be found entirely to agree with St. Paul's statements concerning grace and justification, while it abounds with earnest exhortations to the patience of hope and obedience of faith and love, interspersed with warnings, reproofs, and encouragements, according to the characters addressed. The truths laid down are very serious and necessary to be maintained; and the rules for practice ought to be observed in all times. In Christ there are no dead and sapless branches, faith is not an idle grace; wherever it is, it brings forth fruit in works. 

How will this book impact me, my family, my work, my sphere of influence?

There are many potholes to get stuck in that we really want to avoid in life. Also there are black holes that cause real bad behavior and choices that have swallowed up complete cultures. If this Book of James is able to expose information that helps our awareness and to help us to make better decisions it will positively impact us and your families. 

Table of Contents:

Book of James Chapter 1

Testing of Your Faith 

Hearing and Doing the Word 

Chapter 1 Recap Observations & Practical Values 

Book of James Chapter 2

The Sin of Partiality 

Faith Without Works Is Dead  

Chapter 2 Recap Observations & Practical Values

Book of James Chapter 3 

Taming the Tongue 

Wisdom from Above

Chapter 3 Recap Observations & Practical Values 

Book of James Chapter 4 

Warning Against Worldliness & Warring

Boasting About Tomorrow 

Chapter 4 Recap Observations & Practical Values 

Book of James Chapter 5 

Wide Road Warning to the Rich 

Patience in Suffering 

The Prayer of Faith 

Chapter 5 Recap Observations & Practical Values 

Book location

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