For Internal Purposes Only

Most of the Bible and our personal relationship with Holy Spirit is for

internal purposes only, to counsel, teach, direct, empower, encourage and inspire. 

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

The kingdom of God begins in the inner life.  It is to rule there, then from it when ready, it flows outward.  If we take the intimacy of a relationship outside, how long will it remain intimate?  So keep that inner life with Holy Spirit intimate, between He and you.  Allow for the intimacy to become established and rule before externalizing it's variables. 

We can't do what we won't do!

Sometimes the real potholes in our walk is the re-evaluation of our belief system (our truth) or revelation knowledge that challenges us.  Faith is built on belief, which is built on knowledge, so all truth is very important.  Fear and discomfort can be caused by any "stretching" process. In light of this, please allow Holy Spirit time to counsel, teach and make the appropriate adjustments that only He can do, in His way and His timing.  


Activating strategies to break barriers, cross thresholds and operate from new benchmarks is very normal. Nobody stays in kindergarten or elementary school. They advance, incrementally. Professionally we have to learn something we never knew to advance in our personal fields of endeavor. Likewise, spiritually we do the same. To advance we must become aware and activate truths in order to abide, crossing over from carnal to divine nature. Learning something we never knew and applying something we never used are methods to breakthrough to new experiential transitional benchmarks. Just like in school and in work we’ll see things differently because we'll grow new eyes to see with. 

I have found that to breakthrough for greater benefits and to new realms of anointing, submitting to Holy Spirit, waiting on God, dialoguing with Him, and praying in tongues are most effective. Since then I’ve realized that these practices do mortify my old bad habits and build up some Godly characteristics I was unable to acquire on my own. As we follow Jesus’ example and retreat to a quiet place to be alone with God, these applications incrementally become accretive. The more we deploy these practices, the more we advance and benefit.


Waiting On God Quick References

Key Meditation Issues

Waiting On God Tactics

Waiting on God tactics are reported to aid each person to breakthrough our own barriers to activate a Holy Spirit relationship. We know from experience that barriers represent our own resistance, blockages, and agendas. Once these barriers are overcome and Holy Spirit’s relationship is established, these tactics aren’t as necessary. Should we render this relationship inactive and wish to reacquaint ourself again we can reapply the tactics again. 

The testimonials are reported so we can see the values and benefits of each breakthrough and hopefully these will encourage us to build our own Holy Spirit relationship. 


When our body is overdone, stress robs us of the nutrients needed for our brains to think clearly. Stress actually clouds us in darkness, and somehow removes part of who we are. This is the reason why we need to be careful of how we deal with stress. 

People can lose their true identity from a stress disorder or any longer-term illness. Whatever symptom we may be under it usually affects us personally and professionally. Intervention may seem to be needed, investigated and developed. 

Possible Solution

Light is always the victor over darkness and Jesus is always the solution over sin, sickness, and that darkness. A plan to active Jesus' teachings, positive fellowship, and counseling with Holy Spirit has the potential of enlightenment, transforming lives, and rejuvenation. Dedication to meditation, counseling, and fellowship are the goals and targets to strive for. There are many forms of meditation and their goals are good. Adding to these forms a relationship with Holy Spirit can only be beneficial, restorative, and productive. 

Possible Answer

Everybody alive now has a life, but, few ever really live abundantly. Why is that? 

Junk (gratification, carnality, worries, deceit) blocks us from really accessing true abundant life. 

As we wait on God, breaking resistance, restlessness, and agitation, a real peace can ensue. As we meditate in this peacefulness, mortification begins dissolving all the junk and our inner man can then make room for edification. Now we'll see more clearly, listen more effectively, and experience life in union with the transmitted energy that abundant life is sourced from. Within meditation we can find our destiny with the love and passion needed to initiate, persevere, and finish. These Books carry testimonials and heartfelt lessons learned to help us breakthrough to overcome symptoms, and find real peace. 

The Manifest Presence Of God


Who Is Walter Beuttler?

“If we build God a house of devotion, He will build us a house of ministry.”  Walter Beuttler

Walter was born in Germany in 1904. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1925. In 1931 he graduated from Central Bible Institute. He served on the faculty at Eastern Bible Institute from 1939-1972. During a campus revival in 1951, God called Walter to "go teach all nations," and for 22 years he travelled around the world ministering the word of God. He retired in Shaverton, PA with his wife Elizabeth. There he continued his ministry until he went to be with the Lord in 1974.

Walter reports that after many years HE REALIZED that he knew a lot about God, but he didn't really know God. This story is about how he connected with God, what happened after He got to know Him, and how his life changed. His story is very interesting, open and transparent. It’s not a quick read and may require time and effort.  I have found it to be very revelatory and helpful regarding how Holy Spirit can relate to us individually.  

Why did I choose this Book?

I found this book, as it is, in my inbox many years ago and finally read it. I don’t know who it came from. I’ve asked many and nobody knows. I’ve been very grateful since I read it. Now I’m forwarding it to anyone hungry enough to abide at this level.  

Walter went beyond seeking God for God’s blessings and sought God for Himself. He had a face-to-face personal relationship where he could have a two way conversation with God, was tutored with interesting teachings and was personally directed and empowered. This testimonial is how God engages us personally when we WAIT ON GOD. 

I've always been very intrigued with those who actually connect with the manifest presence of God.  In a day when there is too much pontification and not enough real experiential, it is refreshing to see how others have succeeded. This testimony can help us want-to-be disciples mature.  This report may have been divinely produced to help us understand more of God.  

Please Click link to access this book.

Find out more about this by reviewing this book

After reading the book I'm inviting you to review my one pager that could be a friendly reminder and an encouragement to help us get closer to God.  See it below or click here to see pdf version.

The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power


Now In Many Languages Too ... Free!

Right now there is only one book available by Dave Roberson, but it is a book used by God to transform believers' lives in extraordinary ways. If you want your life to change or if you just want to increase your understanding about this phenomenon of praying in tongues, read 'The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power.' Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store. Link to foreign translations:

Personal Revelation & Observation

In meditation I was asking and driving for a breakthrough for someone who’d asked for prayer. I asked about the potential blockage and I was immediately brought to the Seabiscuit movie seen described below.  

There is a part in the movie “Seabiscuit” where the trainer recognizes that the horse has been through way too many “trainings” that he forgot his way. Seabiscuit forgot how to act like a horse! So the trainer took him off the track and sent him out into pasture for his natural inclinations to reaffirm themselves. You might say he was recalibrated and revived!  

Likewise we Christians have been so prodded, churified, and over-stimulated from one denomination to another, from one course or book to another, that we’ve forgotten how to be that child of God we’re supposed to be when entering into Jesus. Sinners have been blocked by their rejection of Jesus’ gospel. Many church members have blocked themselves due to denying Holy Spirit’s gifts and presence. Both are struggling with their potential identity in God. 

We’ve sought revival through many church functions, and even hired “Revivalists”. Now do you think you can “schedule” Holy Spirit (especially without entering in ourselves)? We’ve found some revival and restoration at Toronto, Pensacola, Lakeland, and others, that has been able to reestablish God’s childlike faith within us, however not everybody was able to make it to these (or other events). God sent Holy Spirit to indwell, infill, and revive us, to reestablish us in His freedom and faith.  

Praying in tongues does introduce us to a deeper level of mortification (breaking blockages) and edification (establishing peace and innocence). This is relevant because this is an official Holy Spirit gift to bring revival corporately and individually. It is one of the few gifts that we can proactively initiate upon our own discretion too! It will recalibrate us to who we are as Christians (children of God). How does this work? That is what the book covers, and more.  

One More Observation

The first time I saw the manifestation of tongues was when I was baptized in Holy Spirit and began experiencing this gift almost 30 years ago. Up until this time I had my own reservations on this gift due to the warnings of people who steered believers away from it. Since then I've witnessed tongues in public meetings being dramatized with a lot "flair"! I began to look dimly at this until I was instructed by Holy Spirit that He was doing something within them to free them up from their issues, even though some might seem to act like they have a mental disorder. He let me know that it was His call to allow this, and it wasn't my place to judge any of this. Most of the things of the world don't happen within our personal comfort zone, and neither do heavenly things. Don't be offended by tongues, prophesy, healing, or the crazies manifesting their gyrations. It's much deeper than we think.  

My take on tongues is that it is FOR INTERNAL PURPOSES ONLY (FIPO). When we combine trusting in God, waiting on God, submitting to God, by praying in our native language and praying in tongues, it is private, personal, and it mortifies our flesh and edifies our spirit, FIPO. I think it is just another form of sanctification, but maybe deeper. Tongues is a legitimate gift from God, and it is not from the devil, as some would infer (btw, that borders on blaspheme). Vilifying Gods gifts isn't endearing to Him . Holy Spirit has always been very gentle with me and every person He has activated this gift with. Trust Him! I've reported many of these manifestations in Experiential Testimonials. 

By understanding how the different interpretations and gifts work, we can make an informed decision about how we would like to proceed in both study and deploying and engaging ministry assignments. You may want to know what will best suit you, your taste, and preferences.  

By learning these revelations Dave reports, we’ll be more informed to make better decisions. I think that is why God had Dave write the book.   

Excerpt On Choice

The Choice Is Always Yours - Page 144

Now, of course, the choice is yours. You don't have to pray in tongues at all. God loves you, accepts you, and will do all He can for you at whatever level of Christianity you may be.  

But if you want to draw closer to God — if you want to put to death the fears, uncertainties, bad habits, pressures, and cares that stand between you and a closer walk with God — then praying in tongues is a precious gift to take advantage of. It is a spiritual key that will bring you rest and refreshing, unlock divine mysteries, and build you up higher in God.  

Excerpts On Transformation

Inward Transformation Before Outward Change - Page 113

Many people make the same mistake as that man did. They pray in tongues, looking for their outward circumstances to suddenly change. But they miss where the supernatural transformation actually takes place — in their spirit. And too often they give up before God can finish working in them the most important changes of all. They look for the spectacular but miss the miraculous.

Remember, praying in tongues is like any other prayer — it is designed to be answered! But because it is our human spirit doing the praying (1 Cor. 14:14), it is also our spirit man receiving the answer to our prayers.

Benefits of Transformation - Page 113

Something happens to his insight into the Word. Scriptures he never understood before come alive. In casual conversation with his friends, he can suddenly explain verses that used to be a mystery to him. When people come to him with their problems, he wonders, Why don't they do this and this? because it all seems so clear to him.

The Cart Before The Horse - Page 116

But those folks had the cart before the horse! The Bible says it is through the Spirit that you mortify the deeds of the body.


But I found out that mortification through the power of the Holy Spirit goes for the root, and then the bad fruit just falls off. I can't tell you the exact time that the pipe and the tobacco just fell off my “tree.” All I know for sure is that once my reborn human spirit had been built up sufficiently by the Holy Spirit, it struck the root, and the bad fruit dried up and fell off the limb for good. It beat anything I had ever seen!

Excerpts On The Purging Process

There had to be a way to release Him on the inside of me. Page 103

I finally came to the conclusion that even though I was a cloud with water — even though I had been filled with the Holy Spirit — there still must be something I had to do to walk in God's power. Just having the Holy Spirit wasn't enough. There had to be a way to release Him on the inside of me. There had to be a way to get all that Holy Ghost power out of my spirit and onto the problems that needed to be overcome.

What would happen if you really believed this? - Page 105

To know that you should pray in tongues isn't enough. If you really believed it edifies you and qualifies you to fulfill God's call on your life — the very thing you desire most in your heart — no one could keep you out of your prayer closet!

Purging and Mortification - Page 109

People are looking for help to change. Most have character flaws they don't like in them-selves, but they don't have any idea what to do to get rid of those flaws. 

So these people keep on plugging away in a religious system that demands more and more out of them so that new buildings can be built and new programs can be started. Finally, spiritual exhaustion sets in, and they give up the fight. They resign themselves to always remaining the way they are and view God as the head of organizationalism. Assuming that their relationship with God is based on their relationship with an organization, they are left faithless and frustrated.

But God never intended for us to live futile lives of frustration. That's why He gave us the Holy Spirit — to reveal the mysteries of Christ in us and to perfect change. So let's take a closer look at the ministry of the Holy Spirit on the inside of us. Let's see how, through the edification process, He takes us from where we are into everything He said we could be.

The Purging Process - Page 110

The purging process may not always be fun, but it is always necessary, because one way or another, we will be purged. We can choose to have all of our shortcomings and faults pruned away now. Or we can wait until the Day of the Judgment Seat of Christ when our works will be tried as by fire (1 Cor. 3:12-15). On that day, all of our fleshly works that we failed to mortify in this life will be purged for us. 

More Excerpt Information

Impasse Issues

Overcoming Impasses In Prayer - Page 129 

Impasse Causing Attitude - Page 131 

The Ugly Side of Our Own Character - Page 149

The Kingpin of Impasse - Pages 141-143 

Faith - Prosperity - Answers

Faith to Receive & to Mortify - Page 132

Prosperity in Perspective - Page 134 

When is it that effective prayer gets answered? - Page 135 

Spiritual Activity Benefits, Liabilities & Impact - Page 148 

Anointing & Power

The Anointing Within: Inoculation Against Deception - Page 92 

Is there a missing ingredient most believers are unaware of? Page 100 

What is needed for God's power to operate in our lives? Page 100 

Persevere for power - Page 105 

What is the key to power? - Page 105 

Direct Link To The Book

The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues.  

God set, fulfilled, and empowers the standards

God Set, Fulfilled, & Empowers Standards!

Verifiable Empirical Evidence Validating Prayer Effectiveness

Southern Medical Association Journal Publications on Prayer 

Here are nine published reports. 

NY Times Study Article

NY Times article explaining the findings of many doctors on "speaking in tongues". 

Speaking in Tongues Investigated By ABC

This is an ABC video of a University of Pennsylvania study that examines people who speak in tongues with MRI which proves the speech center is not working. Praying in Tongues is one of the gifts to humanity directly from God and it can be selected and activated by anyone who has a desire to enter into this form of meditation. 

Indiana University Bloomington

Candy Gunther Brown, an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Indiana University Bloomington, led the study of "proximal intercessory prayer" for healing. It is available online today and will be published in the September 2010 issue of the Southern Medical Journal.


Statistical inquiries into the efficacy of prayer by Francis Galton

The efficacy of prayer seems to me a simple, as it is a perfectly appropriate and legitimate subject of scientific inquiry. Whether prayer is efficacious or not, in any given sense, is a matter of fact on which each man must form an opinion for himself. His decision will be based on data more or less justly handled, according to his education and habits. An unscientific reasoner will be guided by a confused recollection of crude experience. A scientific reasoner will scrutinize each separate experience before he admits it as evidence, and will compare all the cases he has selected on a methodical system.  This is a very interesting article! 

The Didache


FAQ - Why is this important?

This is what the early church used, along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul. Peter, and James writings to build Jesus' church. This has been validated and may be worth the time to review what the early church values were base on. 

The Didache

The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, is a brief ten page early Christian document, dating back to the first century. The text has three main sections dealing with ethics, practices, and the church organization. 

About The Didache

There are several interesting features of this manual of instruction. One is an overriding concern with the practice of alms, gift giving, and the support of dependents, itinerant teachers, and others who may ask for a handout. Generosity was obviously thought to be a prime Christian virtue, but in practice one had to be careful, for others could easily take advantage of the Christian. This was especially the case with "false" prophets who showed up and wanted the congregation to feed them. The instruction was not to "receive" any prophet who asked for food or money while speaking "in a spirit" (Did. 11:12), and not to allow any "true" prophet (who did not do that) to stay longer than two or three days unless he was willing to settle down, learn a craft, and "work for his bread" (Did. 12:2-5). It is obvious that the Didache was written with resident congregations in mind and that their overseers and deacons had grown weary of the hype and hoopla characteristic of an earlier period of itinerant teachers and preachers. The pattern of congregational life over which they presided was sufficient. They had gotten together and agreed upon the practices, prayers, and rituals that defined the Christian way.