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Like the navigator of an ocean vessel, The Blueprint checks the spiritual position of the church relative to the course plotted by its founder and Captain Jesus Christ. Like a report submitted by a building inspector, The Blueprint measures the original drawing created by the Architect. It compares it with today's structure in an effort to uncover structural weaknesses and deviations from the approved plan. 

How closely have we as Christians followed the specifications of the Master Builder? The Blueprint details each deviation, each defect and each unapproved change made to its flawless design. 

The Blueprint may never be a great best-seller, for books containing a strong measure of real truth seldom are, but it reveals so much truth it deserves to be published. 

Many of today's institutional church leaders will hate it. Those satisfied to spend their spiritual lives safely seated on a padded church bench will reject it, but those who have dreamed of finding the real church, the church that Jesus built, may find the answer to their prayer contained within these pages. If you look closely, you may get a glimpse of the simple, uncomplicated worship of the first century. You may even get a vision for it today. 

In Christ's love, 

C. H. James 

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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Home
  2. Whose Church Is It?
  3. Like Shepherd, Like Sheep 
  4. In One Accord 
  5. As a Little Child 
  6. Foundations of Understanding 
  7. When Jesus Calls 
  8. No Compromise 
  9. Worthy to Suffer 
  10. Why Not Walk on Water? 

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Encouraging Excerpts

Searching For Truth?

You must put away your preconceived ideas and your hand-me-down denominational doctrines. You must search for truth no matter who it offends for to do less is an offense to God. Page 7 Section 1.17 

Truth Resisted

If you remain unwilling to be convinced you may or may not win the debate, but for sure, you‟ll miss the gift of truth that God had for you. Had you allowed yourself to receive this gift of truth you would have become a better teacher. Each day that you receive new light from God, you‟re better equipped than you were the day before. Truth resisted builds hardness of heart. Page 40 Section 3.28

Truth is Uncompromisable 

How do you compromise truth? You can‟t? When compromise enters the spiritual community the spirit of truth leaves. When compromise enters the spiritual life of the believer it brings its cousins, deception and legalism with it. Page 106 Section 8.6 

How Truth Gets Squashed

Some leaders, for fear of loosing the questioning member suggest the member stay in the church and bring about the required change from within. Of course, if the member continues to raise objections, remaining unwilling to compromise the word of God or their own resolve to obey it, they’re asked to leave, making internal change impossible. If things remain unchanged, the fires that once burned within are quenched by a religious system whose size and weight smother every remaining spark of reform that once glowed with the zeal to destroy hypocrisy and replace it with the pure undefiled truth of God‟s word. Page 4 Section 1.6

Blueprint Truth

If we hope to follow God's blueprint then we'll need men who know how to find its truth and follow it in obedience. They must be able to recognize their own errors; mistakes in their biblical understanding. Men who have the courage to admit error, break into pieces their own walls of pride and tear out of their heart any deviations from God‟s holy plan. The Lord may speak through the newest babe in the congregation or your fiercest enemy. He may speak through a fellow Christian. He may speak through an unbeliever or jackass but no matter how He speaks, true leaders will hear and obey Him.  Page 41 Section 3.32

Forewarning Excerpts

Authentic vs. Synthetic 

Can we truly say today, as we look at today‟s church that it bears any resemblance to the church of Acts? Indeed, outside of God‟s word can we say that it exists anywhere but in our hearts? Perhaps it does if we'll open our eyes, take the blinders off and look outside the mainstream institutional church to the unnoticed fringe; to the ridiculed, persecuted and discarded. Look close; you won't be able to identify them by their clothes, education or speech. The only way you'll be able to recognize them is by their love and the fruit of their lives. They most likely won't be meeting in rented or purchased buildings. They won‟t be teaching or preaching from elevated platforms and they won't acknowledge any difference between layman and clergy. They will recognize all who truly follow Christ as co-laborers, joint heirs of salvation and fellow priests in the service of the kingdom. They will be a peculiar people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood called to build God‟s kingdom according to His specifications. They will follow His blueprint with the integrity of a master builder.  Page 5 Section 1.13

Empowered Vs. Impotent

To take a step toward early church worship is to invoke Satan‟s anger like nothing else. Against this church he can‟t win. (Matthew16:18) But if he can keep you from becoming part of the true church he can keep you spiritually impotent for a lifetime. Page 28 Section 2.65

Impotence Entryway

Once a man of God allows one string to be attached to his life, he no longer belongs to God, but to the one who holds that string. By placing his dependence on man he has broken his relationship; his trust with God. Page 37 Section 3.19

Very Important To Know

Before you decide to challenge the strength of your own faith by taking a step toward becoming a practicing member of the first century church you should first understand a few things. Any move you make in God‟s direction is a move away from Satan. If you think this move will go unnoticed, you're deceiving yourself. If you think those who protest will be those who knowingly serve the world or Satan, then you‟re in for a great surprise. You will be surprised to learn that those who oppose you most will be those of your own family. Yes, you can expect opposition from both your church family and your natural family. Matt 10:34-37 Page 24 Section 2.49

Should The Church Teach Tithing?



Moody Magazine once reported that the church has over 50,000 denominations, which was startling initially. That seems like a lot of altering and modification of Jesus’ gospel model. But it really is many people’s rendition and interpretation of their own understanding of the gospel at the time of their documentation and how Holy Spirit could influence them within their spiritual and intellectual capacity. Now along with all those modifications came rituals, which are practices or observations insisted upon and strictly adhered to by the laity, at leadership direction. Now that we’re in the Information Age, with 2000 years of information and recordation, many of these theological modifications have been examined and reevaluated. Some have caused enlightenment on issues and some have been divisive.  

Important Documentation and Links

Should the Church Teach Tithing?

A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine

Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

I am eager to engage in serious dialog about biblical tithing. In my opinion this recently added shackle of the Old Covenant Law is hindering the Church from a spiritual awakening. May love for Christ, His Word, His Church, His children and lost souls coupled with strong integrity, honesty and selflessness motivate everything we do is my prayer. 

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Important Excerpt

Excerpt from page 247

The introduction of tithing emerged in direct proportion to the disintegration of the doctrine of the priesthood of believers and the emergence of the power of the bishop-priests.

New Testament doctrines concerning the church and giving experienced a drastic change from the end of the first apostolic century to the middle of the third century. The first stage of decline was the removal of spiritual gifts from the laity. The second stage was the distinction of the bishop as a level higher than the other (formerly equal) elders in the church. The third stage of decline occurred when the bishop was given a high priestly status with spiritual power over the laity. In the fourth stage, the bishops, elders, and (sometimes) the deacons were encouraged to stop performing secular work and devote themselves full-time to the church. Tithing became the fifth stage of this doctrinal decline. 

Instead of the priesthood of every believer replacing the Old Testament priesthood, the church had gradually reorganized itself to resemble the Old Testament hierarchy. The bishop had become the equivalent to the Old Testament high priest, the presbyters to the Old Testament priests, and the deacons to Old Testament Levites. Full sustenance followed by using the Old Testament pattern of priesthood, sacrifices, and forgiveness controlled by priests. Thus some types of tithing was introduced into the church only after a long period of at least 200-300 years of steady doctrinal decline and only to follow the pattern of Old Testament worship. Even then, tithing was not mandatory or compulsory for many more centuries.


Doesn’t the documentation of these five drastic doctrinal changes answer some important questions?

  1. Stage one, leadership removed the spiritual gifts from the laity. 
  2. Stage two was the creation of the elitist bishop position. 
  3. Stage three was the bishops priestly status with spiritual power over the laity. 
  4. Stage four is where leadership entitled themselves to a full-time work status for the church. 
  5. Stage five leadership created tithing for their laity to support them. 

Stage one answers the questions as to where the spiritual gifts went. Without Holy Spirit infilling saints with His gifts the kingdom of God that Jesus created becomes severely limited. Revising a church without the gifts was coup for Satan (using useful idiots), almost as successful as the bondage he created at the fall. Stage two answers the questions of how the clergy snuck back into the church platform and replaced Jesus’ unity model. Stage three answers the question of the reestablishment of the laity vs. saints in Jesus’ model. The fourth and fifth stages are political entitlements, where leadership is benefited by the tax exerted upon laity.  

Why Is This Important?

Independent Subjective Reviews

Hopefully these published works will inform and free people from legalistic indoctrination so they can be at peace and enter into Jesus’ original form of experiential Christianity. 

Motivation For This Section

  • To feed the sheep 
  • To free the sheep 
  • To expose bad practices 
  • To establish fruitful practices 

After witnessing the absolute effectiveness of God’s anointing for financial favor, terminal disease reversal, and so many saved, healed, prospered, and baptized my interest is in extending these attributes to all who are hungry and interested. Too often I’ve witnessed religious rituals undermining God’s best for saints to fulfill their destiny.  

You Mean I Don't Have to Tithe?

A Deconstruction of Tithing and a Reconstruction of Post-Tithe Giving (McMaster Theological Studies). Pickwick Publications, 2010.  

David A. Croteau

If recent reports are true that churches flourish under the freedom of Biblical free will offerings only (with the ceasing of the tithe teaching and practices), then why are so many denominations and leadership teams continuing to operate under this heresy? Are they operating under a demonic religious spirit? David A. Croteau has publically reported testimonials of significant shifts in church financial health due to the shift in their position away from tithing and embracing free will offerings.