Join Jesus In Reconciling All Humanity To God!


Jesus DID Prove To Be Humanity's Best Advocate!


God’s will has always been for every person to prosper and have a great life, to be completely well physically and emotionally, and to reside with Him eternally in heaven. Unfortunately Satan came along and threw a wrench into Gods plan and created a big barrier, a sin barrier. Humanity needed  intervention and this is how it played out... . 


Jesus proved to be humanity's best advocate by

  1. removing the sin and legalistic barriers 
  2. reconciling humanity to God 
  3. creating an alternative to humanity (which was out of Adam), by personally establishing Christianity (out of Himself)

So now we can select to exit humanity and replace it by entering into Christianity, directly into God’s kingdom, today! Jesus has proven to be humanity's best advocate by his many accomplishments that beneficially effect everyone.

Enter In

Enter In Now or ASAP!

Enter into God’s kingdom now by selecting to acknowledge Jesus. Tell God thanks for sending Jesus to pay my way into heaven and connecting me to Holy Spirit. Believe it, it's true, and enter into Christianity today! By sincerely believing in our heart and speaking with our mouth God allows us entrance into His kingdom for both eternal life in heaven and abundant life on earth! 

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. Romans 10: 9-10 NIV 


This is where those who truly accept Jesus’ authentic gospel can exit sin and can enter into God’s grace and shift their own spiritual identity from humanity to Christianity (from Adam to Christ), and immediately and directly become adopted into God’s family. 



  1. Sinner to Saint 
  2. Afflicted to Healed 
  3. Poverty to Prosperity 
  4. Struggle to Success 
  5. Deceived to Enlightened 
  6. Orphaned to Adopted 
  7. Mortality to Immortality 
  8. Believer to Disciple 
  9. Carnality to Divinity 
  10. Ignoble to Noble 
  11. Shifting Sand to Solid Rock 
  12. Darkness to Light 
  13. Fear to Faith
  14. Victim to Victor 
  15. Synthetic to Authentic 

It is for everyone, anytime, for all humanity, so if you're breathing you qualify

It is God Who derives and currently sustains all life (which includes all human cellular structure) and sincerely wants to know each of us personally as well. 


Jesus came to earth to rescue humanity from the evil empire, its darkness, and its cultural elitism.  He replaces them with God’s favor, divine nature and heavenly standards. He did this by creating within Himself, a brand new form of humanity, called Christianity (authentic Christianity)! 

FINISHED MEANS FINISHED & JESUS HAS DELIVERED! Click link to a 52 second video:



This is an open option for all humanity to enter into a relationship with God, at each persons own discretion. He has been waiting for each of us. So enter in!  Just say, “Yes Lord, I’m ready!"

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Can You See Why We're All Important?


From all who are conceived, to all who believe, and even for all who are deceived, it is God’s self existent life that has derived and sustains each of our lives. God’s will is for all humanity to be with Him, in Him, now and forever (1 Tim 2:1-6). Why everyone is important is that we’re all part of humanity (created by God). We’re all derived and sustained by God, so it shouldn’t surprise us that we all do receive illumination and revelation too. There is an expectation from God that we all would gather and become collaborative, cooperatively sharing our experiences and our intellectual and spiritual revelations. 


Each of us has an integral part of truth, that our own personality has been able to receive, filter and understand, for ourselves and to share with many others. As we gather, these stories and revelations are food for life, from God, to feed each other. These really are nuggets and should be revered! 


Pieces of each revelation are like spokes in a wheel, and as we share, we can all become more steady, informed, and with much more understanding. That is why unity in Jesus is mandated by God, to work with each other, synergistically, to mature Humanity on earth. That is also why making sure we listen to each other is the only way we’re going to be able to receive all those interesting and beneficial revelations, solutions, directions, and applications!  

What Is Golog2Day About?


What Does Golog2Day Represent?

Give Others The Love Of God Today

Golog2Day Motto

Impacting humanity by bestowing God’s grace, exerting His authority, and helping others do the same.  

The Purpose

Taking on the task of reversing Satan’s annexation of humanity and reconciling humanity to God was ambitious. But Jesus came, conquered, and empowered all saints to continue in this venture. The purpose of this website is to offer media that will clarify and illuminate facts instrumental in activating more of God in our own personal life. 

Now we can all join Jesus in reconciling humanity to God, in our own personality!

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Financial Solicitation

Donations, sponsorships, partnerships, and personal email are never required, not expected, and never sought after. We follow Jesus’ model of freely received, so we freely give. That is why there is no financial appeal for donations or advertising on this website. We practice Jesus' model to trust God.

Secret To Success

The secret to each successful transition from the carnal to the divine nature is the embracing of Holy Spirit. As we follow Jesus’ model to pray in secret, fast in secret, and give in secret, we’re building rewards both here on earth and eternally in heaven. Since Holy Spirit is the real promise of God and our guide, the sooner we embrace Him, and open up a dialogue with Him, the sooner we’ll be deploying our destiny. Golog2day’s motivation is to encourage each saint to fulfill their own destiny. 

Effectual Prayer

Effectual prayer has always been something sought after by humanity, especially in times of trouble. Since Holy Spirit’s Gifts are driven by Him, and we never know when we’ll be in need, by making it our business to initiate a relationship now, we’ll be better prepared for a more productive prayer if and when we need help, direction, empowerment, etc. 




Granting and forwarding significant treasures 

Impacting the lives of whoever we know or come in contact with 

Valuable entrance tickets to enrich and embellish this life and beyond 

Empowering anyone with an authentic experiential lifestyle 



- Freely We Receive So Freely We Give -

Whenever we really do receive something that has effected us positively and know how it can benefit others, and it’s free, we’re more prone to spread it around. If we’re happy to have transitioned from sinner to saint, from carnality to divinity, and from the wide road to the Narrow Road, then we should share that with others! When people do really get saved, cleaned up, and empowered to become fruitful then they may have an adjoining inclination to share it too. That is to freely bestow this gift to empower somebody else for their breakthrough to whatever God has for them, for this life and their eternality. Freely we receive this gift and freely we can pass it forward to anybody and everybody. Enter In!

(Matthew 10:8, Luke 10:9, 11:10, Galatians 6:2, 10)


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There are many internet PDF translation services, for many languages. 

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