Jesus Took Our Sin And Our Sin Nature


30 Second Glimpse

Only for those few who are interested, this information is instrumental in helping us to mortify our carnal nature and rebuild our divine nature.  These truths do beneficially impact anyone who acknowledges them. These are important: 

  1. Did Jesus take away sin, sickness and infirmities?
  2. Did Jesus’ blood purify Christians from all sin?
  3. Did God abolish and condemn sin in the flesh? 
  4. Did Jesus set Christians free from the law? 
  5. Did Jesus disarm rulers, forgive transgressions and canceled debt? 
  6. Did Jesus change Christians’ sin nature?
  7. Did Jesus change Christians’ natures and remove the effects of sin?

The answers to these questions will bring true enlightenment from God!

Why Would I Be Interested?

Only those would be interested if they wanted to know the truth and the depth of what Jesus accomplished, how it benefits them. Jesus accomplishments can be leveraged for today's personal agenda items. Unquestionably, this is a very controversial subject. The reason is that not everyone has the same Jesus, meaning their beliefs are based on what they learned from their “spheres of influence”. With 50,000 denominations, that’s a lot of active revisionism. 

Another reason is that if we admit that Jesus actually did accomplish taking our sin, then we “should” be accountable to operate our lives within the value that He delivered. But if we deny it or just avoid it (like so many do), then we become free to enter into any “designer lifestyle” we decide. This is the same attitude the Israelites gave to Moses, because they didn’t want to enter in. They just wanted Moses to go and represent them so they could have an “arms length “respectable” relationship with God. Many are doing the same today. 

What Will I Get?

Society and religion have done a great job on educating the masses on how to behave, but haven’t “connected the dots” yet on what are the standards and who set them, and how we can benefit from them. Upon learning that Jesus dealt with sin, sickness, poverty, etc., now I will know I have options. So I want to know what these options are.  

  • I CAN avoid “potholes” of ignorance, stupidity, and darkness
  • I CAN identify and overcome temptation
  • I CAN override sin, sickness, and poverty

Before we can get to the power applications we should know why we can trigger these options. This study is the basis for that. 

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Excerpts from "Jesus Took ..."

Excerpt #1

With the conclusion that Jesus absorbed and removed the law and sin it would seem obvious that He also removed all the effects of our sin and our sin nature as well. If God is granting us humans eternal life in heaven with Him then that demonstrates that Jesus removed sins effects. You know you can’t get into heaven with sin or as a sinner. So in knowing the truth of Jesus accomplishments, you cannot be duped, and will be set free to grow in God.  

Excerpt #2

Nobody can be both sinner and saint, or on the narrow and wide road together, so you can't either be in the carnal nature and the divine nature. The law and grace don't coexist and nor do these.  

Excerpt #3

This subject is important to me because I want my spiritual foundation built on unwavering, solid rock, factual truth. That is an issue that impacts my belief system, my faith, and the results of my faith exertion. They are all related. These truths do effect all who are entering into a Godly relationship and want to utilize the benefits of what God has made available. 

Dealing With the Overemphasized Effect of Sin

Is there a point where sin can overcome God’s mercy, grace, or power?

Can darkness effect light or can sin effect God?

At what point can any amount of sin reach a tipping point to offset God’s grace, mercy, and power? 

Seriously, God is, was, and always will be completely unaffected by sin. He abhors it and its effect on His creation, but sin will never offset Gods grace, His mercy, kindness, power & glory. Seriously, see how Jesus dealt with this. 

When Jesus came to earth He delivered heavenly standards for humanity to operate in. Jesus completely neutralizes and absorbed all sin to be ineffectual upon humanity. We see the testimonies of His miracles demonstrating this. Jesus replaced depressive sin and symptom synergy with Holy Spirits anointing that could effect humanity positively. Sin did separate man from God, but Jesus removed it, removing its barriers. Here is how Jesus explained it to Peter: 

  • “And I tell you, you are Peter [Greek, Petros –a large piece of rock], and on this rock [Greek, petra –a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it].” (Matt 16:18 AMPC) 

We see that Jesus’ church was built on Himself, being God, and nothing can ever overpower it. Sin cannot effect God, Jesus, or Jesus’ genuine church (those who really enter in). Sin only effects man, not God. Whenever a person comes to God, they begin receiving sanctuary from symptoms, deception, sin, and any demonic oppression. Here is how we know this: 

  • Elitist refuse to go near Jesus’ light because it exposes sins, so now elitists openly blackball Jesus and His disciples to hide being exposed
  • those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants. (John 3:19-21 NLT) 
  • Jesus is the light of humanity (John 1:4, 8:12, 9:5) 
  • Jesus’ light exposes darkness, which CANNOT overcome it (John 1:5) 
  • Whoever follows Jesus will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of His life (John 8:12, 12:46)
  • Whoever knows Jesus teachings builds their life on Him and His unfailing standards.
  • Whoever studies and practices divine nature will never fall. See link below.

Recap: To what extent does evil have power?

Evil cannot overtake God, or His church. People can embrace double-mindedness and evil within the church and negatively effect other people and the standards of how that denomination operates. But the core of the church, Jesus the rock, is immune from attack and impregnable. The real demonic goal is to retard the truth and the effect it has on the saints from becoming overcomers and demonstrating the gospel. The extent that evil has power is to the extent of our ignorance, which causes deception, and that empowers evil and its sin cycle. For more on this see James 1:14-16 or see pages 6 and 7.

Recap: What is true enlightenment!

Jesus is the light for all humanity, and has come to expose and judge darkness, which has NO EFFECT on light. Light exposes, and evaporates darkness. That is why sinners isolate themselves from Jesus and is also why denominations resist Holy Spirit. Both the world and much of the church try to quarantine the light, which is all the gospel truth, and Holy Spirit Who drives it! 

True enlightenment is embracing the light of Jesus and Holy Spirit, finding our real potential, and developing it to fulfill our destiny. 

Recap: How do saints overcome sin blockages?

This is a very very good question. Jesus, by Himself, and within Himself, has hosted a sanctuary for all humanity where His light dissolves all forms of darkness, His superiority protects saints from oppression and delivers immunity from symptoms and evil to anyone who selects Jesus.  Saints overcome sin blockages by knowing truth so it will set them free from lies, deception, and manipulation. 

Why is 1 John 1:9 so important?

So we can get past this sin stumbling blocks. Religion has had so many people continually in guilt and shame, in a perennial downward tailspin, to maintain an unworthy underling status, and to keep people ineffective. That is why religion revises the identity of church members as sinners. By overemphasizing sin and its effects hirelings instill fear into underlings, and in so doing imply a codependency as the members “covering” (sad implication as overlord). Jesus discarded that system, but “religious” zealots have since revised Christianity to their own standards, for their own purposes. When we have entered into Jesus, we have already bypassed wrath, death, sin, and the need for any mediated covering. When we do sin, our confession and remorse cleanses us, utilizing 1 John 1:9. 

The more we know this the better it effects us, and our ability to receive, and our ability develop our faith to terminate sin, symptoms, evil, and darkness. “Finished” explains Jesus' accomplishments in detail. Kingdom Card Series outlining Jesus Accomplishments offer a workbook to enhance these. 

How do we deal with the overemphasized effect of sin?

Sin still has the ability to sever saints from Christ or Paul wouldn't have warned believers of it. That aside, when the overemphasis of sin is used to manipulate saints into fear, anguish, and frustration, we need to be conscientious of just how effective Jesus did absorb sin and reconcile humanity to God. True church Shepherds will concur with this message.  

Let’s remember that God’s objectives are for each of us to connect to Him, get to know Jesus and Holy Spirit, identify our individual potential, fulfill our destiny on earth before transitioning to heaven, and help others do the same!