The 5 Levels of Reconciliation


30 Second Glimpse

There are five specific accomplishments that effect each of us very positively, if and when we know about them:

  1. Biblical evidence that Jesus reconciled God to humanity 
  2. Biblical evidence that Jesus reconciled mankind to God 
  3. Biblical evidence that Jesus reconciled man to man 
  4. Jesus reconciled mankind over the physical earth 
  5. Jesus reconciled mankind over spiritual life thru Christ

These accomplishments have benefits that can be activated upon acknowledgement by anyone. The reason for the report is to empower you to to become aware of these, acknowledge them so you can add the depth of their value to your own life. 

Why Would I Be Interested?

The point that humanity has benefited from Jesus finished work on the cross is evident to those who know the facts, can understand the depth of the truth, and can utilize it to mature in this new life called Christianity (authentic Christianity). Jesus really was sent by God to reconcile all of humanity to God, and the other four variations of reconciliation demonstrated in this report. Truth is the ultimate advantage for anyone who is interested in recalibrating their thinking to come into alignment with heavenly standards that bring kingdom benefits. 

What Will I Get?

Christian maturity and effectiveness is sourced from Christ and His accomplishments. Knowing these empowers saints to succeed, grow to their full potential and to fulfill their earthly destiny. 

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