The 5 Elementals

There are words, revised by man, that have changed our belief regarding important issues. So I looked up the words. After a period of discovery, comparison, surprise and revelation, the significant differences in these definitions demonstrate why people do see things so differently.

30 Second Glimpse

These five words have two completely different meanings: Life, Death, Sinner, Saint, and Divinity between the dictionary and the original Greek text. The difference being that the Greek was inspired by Holy Spirit. Now the dictionary versions aren't wrong, they're accurate from the aspect of our human collective intelligence. But what they are missing is Gods perspective on each of these words and how His perspective effects of each human being. These truths will beneficially impact anyone to avoid painful deceptions and leverage enlightenment. 

Suffice it to say that there are words, revised by man, that have changed mankind’s foundational belief regarding important issues. So I looked up the words. After a period of discovery, comparison, surprise and revelation, the significant differences in these definitions demonstrate why people do see things differently. We all know that truth is the ultimate advantage, and that obstruction devalues our ability to see things clearly. Once people understand the true terms and conditions, these truths do help us see more clearly.  In 10 minutes you’ll know what I mean if you click the link below and watch the short video. 

Why Would I Be Interested?

Once a person understands the terms and conditions they were personally and cellularly derived from and how it is that they are being sustained, these truths do effect them. These truths will change your thinking and change your life.  Everyone now, has a free will to review these unobstructed truthful values. 

What Will I Get?

What values will I receive and be able to activate and utilize after reading this? Enlightenment helps anyone to avoid potholes and black holes, and to leverage knowledge to benefit themself. If I knew what the difference was between these fundamental definitions it would have changed my thinking and shifted my lifestyle a long time ago. Wouldn't you want to know sooner rather than later? That is exactly why I'm documenting these. These values do significantly impact us, our family, and our business by enlightening our decisions with a much clearer vision, and keep us on solid ground today, tomorrow and forever! 

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The 5 Elementals Excerpts

Did you all life is derived and sustained by God's self-existent life.

If I knew what the differences were ...

These differences were not caused by some conspiracy group. They were set in motion to identify, define, and document basic fundamentals that society understands as truth. The cultural definitions are accurate to the intellectually restricted nature, a reflection of the carnal nature mankind operates from, which is limited. You will see that Biblical definitions will offer much more substantial information and a broader meaning, offering unlimited opportunities, and a more fruitful lifestyle.  


If all you knew was that your own life, time between birth and death, was all you had to operate from, and you needed to cram into it everything for your personal success and legacy, your thinking would be restricted to that “truth”. However, when added into your thinking that our life was created from and is currently sustained by God’s self existent life, our viewpoint takes on a different perspective because life isn't restricted to the physical cycle. All life does continue. Where it continues is directed by our choice.


“Whoever dies with the most toys wins” is a saying used by so many to describe their viewpoint of this version of death. It is a popular saying, but it is also a reflection of the limitation of thinking that restricts life’s possibilities that could enhance the future version of life. Once knowing that death is not just the cessation of cellular function, but real death is the self determined separation of life by rejecting salvation, we can adjust our thinking and begin to operate in a salvation model that has much better benefits.  


The textbook definition of sinner is, One who sins or does wrong; a transgressor. However the Bible defines a sinner as one who dedicates themselves to sinning, has forfeited his eternal life and disconnected from God by rejecting salvation, as well as one who lives a life of vice, crime and wickedness. There is a vast difference between one who does a wrong and one who is destined for wrath due to wickedness, rejecting salvation, and continual vices or crimes.  


There is a vast difference between one who is entitled to public veneration due to church approval and one who is set apart by God Himself. 

Leave it to religion to revise the meaning of something and subject all the “sheep” to follow along in submission to whatever their leadership reports. Saints are people that are set apart by God and for God, thru any intentional act of salvation, a simple prayer. When we read up on justification and sanctification it enlightens us. However the world, and so much of the church, has completely redefined the meaning of a saint as a person entitled to public veneration and praise, voted on by a self-appointed elitist group.

The 2 Elementals Eye Opening Snapshot