Releasing from conflict, oppression, symptoms, and from temptations 

Expelling (terminate and destroy) all demonic activity using Jesus’ keys 

Sealing and securing Jesus’ authentic Christian model ensuring benefits 

Creating impartation of solutions, answers, guidance and healings

Unlocking God’s absolute omnipotent divine nature heavenly potentials

Empowering anyone and everyone with an authentic experiential lifestyle 


Trust and have confidence in the absolute power of God and also trust Him to fix us and help us with all of our prayer requests. 

God’s omnipotence can release anyone from any conflict, oppression, symptoms, and from temptations. The qualifying factor is always our own free will (to believe or disbelieve). Witnessing when afflicted people finally accept God’s help, I’ve seen symptoms literally disappear, right before my own eyes. Many have verbally expelled the demonic activity using Jesus’ keys he supplied in Matthew 16:15. After Holy Spirit empowered those commands, each healing was secured. If the formerly afflicted wanted to, they could enter into Jesus’ authentic Christianity, ensuring continued beneficial effects. Often times God is creating guidance, answers, and solutions to impart. These unlock God’s absolute omnipotent divine nature, and heavenly potentials, that empower anyone and everyone with an authentic experiential lifestyle. 


Effective Prayer

Jesus Empowers Humanity


 Jesus really did empower everyone with His own keys to overcome sin, override circumstances, and overrule every sickness, disease, oppression, depression, and all other demonic influence. 

More on this and other information 

is compiled and published in 

 Emergency Aid Now  

Verbal Spiritual Commands



"Now, you demons who are binding and blinding __(place name here)__,  

I bind you right now in the name of Jesus,  you may no longer operate in _(place name here)  life!" 

See more Prayer Models in

 Emergency Aid Now  

Exerting Enforcement


Exerting Enforcement Is Your Spiritual Right!

All are authorized to use commands!

Anyone can exert prayer pressure by using Jesus’ name, which is the significant element to successful intervention!  


Emergency Aid Now is designed to impact sickness with quick supernatural solutions, by Christ Himself, from heaven. He came to destroy the works of evil, and He did it for you! Tap in, and take advantage of Jesus' gift to you and to yours!

Emergency Aid Now Purpose

Emergency Aid Now is designed to bring quick solutions to desperate circumstances immediately.  Many have found these methods very productive because they are in the name of Jesus.  Even a sinner who cries out the name of Jesus can exert authority over evil symptoms, because it is in the name of Jesus that every knee must bow (which include illness symptoms). It is not the person who uses it.  

It is the power bestowed by Jesus Himself for all humanity, to be authorized to use this power. So if a sinner can exert authority, think what a saint could do!  CLICK ON REPORT TO OPEN!


Life can throw us many obstacles, but they don’t have to be insurmountable. Being aware and developing tools to circumvent hardships, hazards and hindrances are keys to avoiding and overcoming conflict, and being favored.  

To intervene is to involve oneself in a situation so as to alter or hinder an action or development, or to interfere, sometimes even through force in the affairs of another. Darkness withholds people from receiving truthful enlightenment and symptoms cause disease, pain, and suffering. Both darkness and symptoms are spiritually based and can be overcome by intervention, by those who are aware and acknowledge this. 

Superior Christian prayer can exert enforcement of intervention and enlightenment dynamics, dimming darkness and dissolving symptoms, and restoring physical, emotional, and financial health. 

Anyone can enter in, intervene, and bind and loose for them self or anyone else.  Because God is absolute, our intervention effectiveness gets better results based on our proximity to God, and our distancing ourself from sin.  Causality does play a part, and our intentionality will affect us. There is a respected audio file available for those interested in learning how to overcome from a lupus survivor. Click link below and see Emily Dotson File. 

About Prayer Cloths

Prayer Cloths carry Holy Spirit’s anointing for immediate application right on to the body part that needs attention. Feel free to use this cloth anywhere needed, and let it rest on tissues, if comfortable. 

  1. Ask Holy Spirit to manifest His presence,
  2. Wait quietly with expectations, then…
  3. Feel symptoms dissolve and cells regenerate
God’s will is for all to be healed, prospered, and saved as well, so receive all three! These prayer cloths are very biblical and give all the glory to Jesus! 

What Can't You Do?

You can’t do what you won’t do!

You can do anything that you intentionally will to do. 

So what do you have to lose by trying?  

You can do it! 

R.E.S.C.U.E. Emergency Aid Now Report Link




If we only knew...

If we only knew the difference between 

the Omnipresence of God and the Manifest Presence of God 

we’d be practicing God’s Manifest Presence more often. 

It’s like being on earth, but as it is in heaven! 

God’s will is to sustain all of us in the omnipresence but 

when we initiate practices that manifest Holy Spirits enlightenment and empowerment, sustenance shifts to prominence! 

It’s heavenly standards being demonstrated on earth. 

Omnipresence & Manifest Presence Factors

You will find these factors instrumental in breaking through to new benchmarks.

Who Is This For?

The manifest presence of God is for everyone and available to anyone who will read it and activate it! With all its benefits, why don’t more take advantage of it? 

Reason #1 is their unaware of the manifest presence potential. 

Reason #2 is their too inundated with other agendas and peer pressure. 

When we freely choose to practice, like Jesus did, in getting away alone with God, privately, Holy Spirit can then impact us with specific teachings and understandings that God has for us! 

Prayer Cloth & Speaking “Jesus” Testimonial


I received this email: “Tom, My husband had a stroke at 2:15 am this morning.  He is at the Hospital.  If you feel led to go pray for him I would be most appreciative. He went to Hospital last night at 2:15 am and his whole right side is affected.“  


At the hospital the nurse explained he was under an induced comatose state to help him rest. The stroke left his right side completely paralyzed, and it was visible to see him only moving one side of his body.   

I spent an hour there before the daughter arrived and I anointed him with oil and asked Holy Spirit to have His way with him.  He slept peacefully and moved his left arm occasionally.  After an extended period of prayer in english and in tongues, he began to move his whole body around (shifting in bed).  When the daughter arrived, he raised his right arm, and she held his hand.  I could see the paralyzed effects were were diminishing.  It was nice to witness the care of God for His sheep.  It was also nice to witness the warm devotion of a daughter to her Dad.   

Next Day Email: 

My daughter said you visited hospital & prayed.  Praise be to God.  He heard your prayer.  The caregiver had him stand and walk two steps with a walker.  The day before his whole right side seemed to be paralyzed.  Doctors ruled out stroke and believe he had a seizure.  Your prayers changed everything from being paralyzed on his right side to being totally mobile the next day.  They even changed from calling it a stroke to a seizure. 

I believe you have a powerful anointing from God.  I believe your visit and your pray changed the opinion from stroke to seizure.  If I may I ask that you will pray for his bladder to function properly and the catheter to be removed soon and never needed again. Thursday he was moved to Extended Care.  Two Days Later: “He came home this morning.  He watered the plants and brought in the trash cans.   I really value your friendship and anointing.”  God bless! 


There were three things that I activated on this assignment. Upon asking for direction I felt compelled to open my iPhone and select a picture of a prayer cloth I designed as a personal art project. I held the iPhone over the man and then prayed in tongues. After a little while I was impressed to change my verbal prayer to just repeating the name “Jesus”. Over and over, I repeated it, while holding the “prayer cloth” over him. When he shifted his entire body and began adjusting both sides, like a normal person does while sleeping, I noticed that!  Thinking that if he was still paralyzed, that just wouldn't happen.  God was doing something here, and I was able to witness it (patients right side was being healed before my eyes). His daughter came in, and we discussed his condition, then I let her be alone with her Dad, honoring her privacy.   

Quick Relief & Refreshment!

The Infilling Is The Key!

If you’re looking for quick relief from worldly pressure (which many of us suffer from), refreshment and direction to “continue on”, or a reversal of a disease or a terminal illness, please consider entering into Jesus’ authentic Christianity. Refreshment is the act of refreshing or the state of being recalibrated, refreshed, revived, restored, or renewed. Entering into Jesus and His Holy Spirit’s infilling is the ultimate in effectiveness!  

Infilling Tactics:

  1. Get alone in quietness 
  2. Turn off electronics and close your eyes
  3. See Jesus, take a breath, and ask Holy Spirit to have His way! 
    • Repeating “Jesus” will shift the spiritual environment and help us breakthrough to a new benchmark, and also diminish pain. 
    • Praying or worshiping in our native language or in tongues will help both the mortification and edification process as well as symptom dismissal and new life to our mortal flesh. 
    • Persevering in concentrated prayer, worship, and tongues offers unlimited levels of manifestations, like real peace on earth, and the exhibition of heavenly standards. 

If we allow for Holy Spirit to have His way, effectiveness is usually guaranteed within a few minutes or so. Remember this basic principle; all flesh, material, and circumstances are subject to the spiritual, so being infilled by omnipotent Holy Spirit is impact-full on all issues, problems, and circumstances. 


Soaking Meditative Music Link


Why Prayer Does & Doesn't work?


Why & How Does Prayer and Prayer Cloths Work?

Here are some considerations for understanding authentic Christian prayer effectiveness. All humanity have been invited to Jesus wedding feast, or to His kingdom. He is the Messiah from heaven, offering anyone truth, enlightenment, and a pathway to kingdom entrance. 

  1. Many are invited but few select the authentic Christianity model (Matthew 22:14). All humanity is called and invited to enter into Jesus model.   
  2. Jesus is the Messiah, the doorway to God, the light of the world, and the bread of life. “Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.” (John 14:6 AMPC) 
  3. Kingdom entrance is through a narrow gate and few will find it. “Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it. But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it. [Deut. 30:19; Jer. 21:8. Both refer to choosing a way of life or death]” (Matthew 7:13-14 AMPC)  

Prayer Cloths and the laying on of hands are both parts of the kingdom of God dynamics to be applied as needed. As Holy Spirit manifests His presence, symptoms dissolve and cells will regenerate. The cloths were initiated by the Apostle Paul and are used to build and focus our faith on Jesus' finished works, and Holy Spirit's presence, and Father God's will for all to be saved, healed, and prospered. Prayer Cloths work because they are empowered by God from heaven, and carry Holy Spirit's anointing for immediate application right on the body part, need, or desire that needs attention. These are one of many gifts from God to His creation. 

  • The reason why prayer and prayer cloths work is because Jesus prepaid their effectiveness and with unlimited usage. 
  • His finished work extends to all humanity His peace, mercy, healing, love, prosperity & eternal life!  
  • The Apostle Paul started sending prayer cloths in his ministry in the first century, and they have been an active part of the gifts of Holy Spirit since then. Remember prayer cloths are part of prayer, not a separate entity. 

More on this and other information is compiled and published in Emergency Aid Now.

Why Prayer and Prayer Cloths Sometimes Doesn't Work?

Prayer failure can be due to many potholes that are roadblocks to kingdom benefits, that can deny, delay, and defer prayer results. Jesus did report that many symptoms only go out by prayer and fasting, inferring this practice to overcome certain symptoms (Matthew 17:21).  Unforgiveness, unbelief and disrespect for God do have consequences. So do naysayers, critics and disparaging comments. 

For naysayers ridiculing R.E.S.C.U.E., remember everyone does bend their knee to Jesus in the end. From where depends on our own free will. My experience has been that all terminally ill (100 %), at their end, in hospice, do discard old lifestyle positions and beliefs, and seek Jesus, unprompted. So, in the end, by their own shifting, it exposes their lifetime practices as hypocritical. So if your critical of R.E.S.C.U.E. now, you may want to reconsider, since statistically your likely to join your predecessors anyway. 

The benefit will be earlier kingdom potentials and the consequences are falling from a pothole status to black hole, where your on the wide road that leads to permanent severance from God, with the demonic. Ridicule is just another form of unbelief that does deny, delay, and defer prayer results and block peoples faith to receive God's gifts. 


There are unlimited amount of testimonials, way too many to document. Feel free to check out many at my video link  or reviewing Experiential Testimonial Book on link below. 


Not wishing to be accused of giving medical advice, I cannot legally recommend or advocate any practices to anyone. I simply point out that potentials do exist based on personal observation and witnessing. TW Kill 

Verifiable Empirical Evidence

IOD (Intercession On Demand)

Purposeful Soaking Music Link to help bring the peace and power of God to anyone seeking intervention.