God Has Shifted All of Satan’s Power


30 Second Glimpse

Did God really break all of Satan’s power? That seems to have been the effectual question for so many for so long. Let’s breakdown some components: 

  1. By Jesus absorbing sin, which was an impenetrable barrier between God and humanity, God was reconciled to humanity. The impenetrable sin barrier is broken. Sin had broken humanities direct relationship to God and had shifted power to Satan in the garden when humanity was usurped by this deception. 
  2. Jesus discarded (fired) the clergy system for withholding the average person from kingdom entrance (Matt 23:13), because they aligned themselves with Satan (Matt 23:28 & John 8:44). 
  3. By maneuvering Satan to forfeit his annexation of humanity God really did terminate demonic ownership of humanity. Because of absorption of sin, the discarding of the legal system, the annexation forfeiture, humanity fundamentally was shifted back to a direct relationship with God, shifting and realigning power back to the people!  

Why Would I Be Interested?

Knowing where the real power is and is not is essential to building a solid foundation to impact your own potential. 

What Will I Get?

Just by knowing that God has shifted all of Satan's power and placed him and all the demonic under Jesus feet, and by knowing that because saints are at one with Jesus, now you know that all demonic are subject to saints as well. This is a very important truth to learn so you can leverage it. This one truth shifts the leverage of power from people being victims to knowledgeable saints becoming victors. I sincerely hope this report will help anyone who has taken the time to review it. Truth does beneficially impact anyone who sincerely allows for its potency to activate within them. 

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Excerpts: Does God permit demonic ... ?


Excerpt #1 Why does God permit demons to continue doing evil?

  1. To maintain humility in our lives  
  2. To develop faith and righteousness in our lives 
  3. To bring about trials whereby we can be rewarded when we overcome 
  4. To teach us how to take authority and demonstrate the gospel  
  5. To allow affliction in order that we may repent  
  6. To demonstrate the power of God over Satanic power

See how these are explained and supported in the report. 

Excerpt #2 Trials

Has anyone ever heard it reported that saints can be rewarded when they overcome trials? For God to allow the continuation of evil and its effects, one of the reasons is so we can be rewarded when we overcome. I was surprised to see this, so I am listing the examples to support this. These should supply sufficient evidence to impact anyone interested in this level of truth. 

Excerpt #3 Demonstration

Demonstrating the power of God over the power of the enemy is relief for those oppressed with sickness, diseases, and darkness (continually block from enlightenment, truth, and power). Healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out the demonic is NOT recognized as normal in many church cultures, therefore it has been expedient to just offer a verbal prayer for “God’s will” by applying a sincere prayer. This level of faith is not in alignment with what Jesus did, nor with His expectations. Since Jesus supplied the saints with the keys to bind and loose, we should become aware, acknowledge and activate these keys as well. Jesus made it clear He came to destroy the works of the enemy, and He expects His followers to do the same. We see in these verses that Jesus demanded the spirits to be quiet and come out of people. This set an example for His followers to do the same. It is interesting to note that the Apostle Paul even made someone blind temporarily, as a measure of authority, to exert a “cease and desist order” upon them to stop their activities. 

So it could be concluded that God does permit the demonic to continue doing evil on earth and these reasons do offer some verification to be aware of them, and to activate your faith in resistance.