Music For Healing The Body, Soul, And Spirit!  


Romans 8:11 reports that Holy Spirit brings life to our mortal cells. His omnipotent life is THE ULTIMATE CELLULAR REGENERATION SUPPLEMENT, where all things are possible with God! 

IOD 15 Minutes

Enhancing The Soaking Experience

If you’re looking for a quick refreshment or just want to drill down and liquidate some worldly pressure or symptoms, these tactics will enhance your results. 

Infilling Tactics:

  1. Get alone with God in quietness 
  2. Turn off other electronics and start to play recording selection 
  3. With your eyes closed focus on seeing Jesus
  4. Take a breath, and ask Holy Spirit to have His way! 
    • Repeating “Jesus” will shift the spiritual environment and help us breakthrough to a new benchmark, and often does diminish pain. 
    • Praying or worshiping in our native language or in tongues will help both the mortification and edification process as well as symptom dismissal and new life to our mortal flesh. 
    • Persevering in concentrated prayer, worship, and tongues offers unlimited levels of manifestations, like real peace on earth, and the exhibition of heavenly standards (on earth as it is in heaven). 

If we allow for Holy Spirit to have His way, effectiveness is usually guaranteed within a few minutes or so. Remember this basic principle; all flesh, material, and circumstances are subject to the spiritual, so being filled by omnipotent Holy Spirit is impact-full on all issues, problems, and circumstances. 

Note: The IOD series were meant for direct impact to aid in the anointing, and not meant as background music. 

More Soaking Music for Meditation

Click on link below. Then scroll down to the Music Section that starts off with "One Night In November". Click desired song to begin enjoying this phenomenal gift from God!

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Fundamentally this is one of the best teaching testimonials I’ve ever witnessed and think it is a good basis for going forward for anyone who is hungry for this level of encouragement and truth.

What is remarkable is how she is able to expose and explain so many very significant value factors that can be immediately applied. Consider selecting the Closed Caption option to follow along more closely. 

George Muller Media

These are very interesting demonstrations of faith in God alone, not telling anyone except God of required needs. There has been a lot spoken on and written on regarding the subjects of:  

  • Provision 
  • Answers 
  • Solutions
  • Direction 
  • Prosperity 
  • Deliverance 
  • Adoption

The results report both daily answers and a significant and phenomenal financial impact. It proves God does hear and that He does deliver. There are many more testimonials like this that also demonstrate that private and intimate prayer with God are very effective. George Mueller (1805–1898) is considered one the greatest men of prayer and faith. During a time in England when most orphans lived in miserable workhouses or on the streets, Mueller took them in, fed them, clothed them, and educated them. Through his orphanage in Bristol, Mueller cared for as many as two thousand orphans at a time—more than ten thousand in his lifetime. Yet he never made the needs of his ministries known to anyone except to God in prayer. Mueller had over fifty thousand specific recorded answers to prayers in his journals. That’s five hundred definite answers to prayer each year—more than one per day—every single day for sixty years! God funneled well over $100 million dollars (in today’s dollars), through his hands, in answer to prayer. Testimonials of daily answers to prayer should impact each of us to prioritize to build our personal intimacy with God. God is interested in our personal life, like any father would be, and He can provide solutions effectively. 

What is the secret? - TRUST GOD ALONE! 

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