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George Muller Website

Visit for quotes, articles and books. This is a premier website for those interested in the depth of what is presented here. 

The Life of George Muller

An independent short report of George Muller's life.

The Scriptural Knowledge Institution For Home And Abroad

You could say this is one of the "Grandaddy" of many Bible distribution works today. The history, principles, and the objectives are listed at this link.

Movie: Robber of the Cruel Streets

Robber of the Cruel Streets 

George Muller (1805-1898) was a German playboy who found Christ and gave his life to serve Christ unreservedly. His mission was to rescue orphans from the wretched street life that enslaved so many children in England during the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. Muller did rescue, care for, feed, and educate such children by the thousands. The costs were enormous for such a great work. Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed a meal.

This movie presents his life story and shows how God answered prayer and met their needs. It is a story that raises foundational questions regarding faith and finances. (60 minute feature film documentary)

Answers to Prayer

Christian audiobooks - "Answers to Prayer" by George Müller:

George Muller Audio Books

Scientific Video Links

The Original Nantechnology

The bacterial flagellum has become iconic evidence for intelligent design. Take a look at this 3 minute video and see for yourself. 

Have You Ever Heard Of Irreducible Complexity?

For those interested, this 15 minute video reports signifcant facts to add to our truths that we operate in daily. 


Privileged Planet Movie

Through stunning computer animation, interviews with leading scientists, and spectacular images of Earth and the cosmos The Privileged Planet explores a startling connection between our capacity to survive and our ability to observe and understand the universe. Is this correlation merely a coincidence? Or does it point to a deeper truth about purpose and intelligent design within the cosmos?

Privileged Planet Website

When we realize how many intricate variables that our planet operates within and how well these continue, unprompted by humanity, we begin to have more comfort and confidence in Who is really sustaining the planet. I thought people should know that the planet has been managed since creation, without the political hysteria from all of the enthusiasts! 

Link to Movie:

Christian Movie & Testimonial Links

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Testimonial Of The Rabbi Who Found the Messiah

Golog2Day Video Picture & Gifs

Golog2Day will be creating and hosting short video and gifs to introduce subject matters more easily. If interested anyone can review, dowload, or print the related reports for their own usage.

Video Snapshots: Free Will

The Indomitable Free Will: Our Most Powerful Characteristic!

Observations of free will issues that may have an impact on each of us.  Free will is self determined and can be changed, based on our own appetite. Video Duration is 4:37

As anyone submits to the ultimate truth and enlightenment, these factors do activate by them-self; 

#1. darkness is exposed, 

#2. truth is revealed, 

#3. freedom is released! 

Other Youtube Channel Videos

Finished Means Finished!


–Jesus really did demonstrate the Gospel with miracles, signs and wonders, validating He was from heaven and is the true Messiah

– He absorbed sin, discarded the Sanhedrin mediated clergy system, and initiated it’s replacement, Christianity (Authentic Christianity)

– He usher in the Kingdom of God and extended His own authority to all of His disciples throughout all time.  Link to "Finished" Book

Join Him in reconciling all humanity to God! 


Jesus came to earth to deliver heavenly standards for each person to enter into their own divine nature with Him. For support information read the reports linked below: 


We all know that truth is the ultimate advantage, and that obstruction devalues our ability to see clearly. Once we understand the true terms and conditions, truths do enlighten us.  

Suffice it to say that there are words, revised by man, that have changed mankind’s foundational belief regarding important issues and clearly demonstrate why people do see things differently.  

 If you review this 5 minute video you’ll see what I mean. 

–See 5 Elementals Report at

Jesus' Accomplishments Video


Jesus’ accomplishments were meant to benefit all of us. Awareness of Jesus’ accomplishments is the first step toward acknowledging, activating and abiding in Him, to leverage these benefits for ourself!

–To Review deeper details please go to reports below:




Eternality is a word to describe continuance without an interruption. Eternalness has to do with the the fact that, although our body ceases to exist when we die, our soul and spirit don’t cease. They continue to live. Where? That it is up to each individual! Denying eternality, or that we have a spirit, is basically futile. The sooner we recognize the inevitability of eternality the sooner we can make the best decision for ourself. 

We’re all “CRAMMING FOR FINALS”, in some area of our lives, but the area that has to do with eternality is something many of us put off until we’re at a place that we need to “review things and get our accounts in order”. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how these things transpire? Well today is your lucky day because we’ve posted a number of video links to apprise you of this inevitable event. When we know the truth about this subject it removes the scariness that is often associated with it. There is no fear of death when you’ve either bypassed death or are about to find out how! 

I’ve had numerous experiences that have confirmed our individual eternality. In hospital ministerial settings, I’ve had comatose patients wake up, lift their head, looked right at me, and announced to me that they didn’t know Jesus, then ask “I want to know Jesus”. They didn’t ask for anyone else! Interesting! Many who had rejected God all their lives, have awakened (both physically and spiritually) to the fact that they needed God. So they all asked for Jesus, without prompting! For more info go to section E1:


Crossing over from death (carnality) to life (divinity and eternality) really does happen here on earth, by our own selection. It’s not something that gets decided by anyone else, or a review of our life performance. We all make a selection, or delay making a selection (which means rejecting Jesus’ gospel plan essentially). Selecting Jesus is much more important than many know because our eternal life is tied to selecting Jesus while we’re hear on earth. Becoming knowledgeable will recalibrate our thoughts, words, and life, today, tomorrow, and forever! 

Dean Braxton Testimonial

Dean Braxton: "I Died for 1 hour and 45 Minutes." He has been interviewed numerous times so feel free to do an internet search for an interview that may be beneficial. 

7 minute testimonial link

41 minute testimonial link 

Dean Braxton Video (1/6) answers questions and reveals many of Heavens characteristics.

Veronica Lufer interviews Dean Braxton about many heavenly attributes that answer many question through a number of videos.

Empirical Evidence

We’ve all known people who’re departed and may want to know what they are experiencing in their “afterlife”, or in eternity. Fortunately someone scientifically qualified can and does reveal many aspects of this subject. This is a medically documented, and now scientifically unchallenged testimonial that exposes and informs humanity of these characteristics. 

I’ve met this man, am aware of his experiences, and know that he and his story is credible. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, so many of us would want to know these answers now, in order to recalibrate or confirm our lifestyle choices to be in alignment with God’s standards. 

Genuine Testimonials

If you're "cramming for finals", just interested in these types of stories, or somewhere in-between you'll be amazed at these sensational testimonials.  Be prepared and be open. 


Near Death Experiences (NDE) - To Hell and Back

Dr Maurice Rawlings - NDE - To Hell and Back

This video hosted by Dr. Maurice Rawlings, a noted cardiologist, investigates life after death and his experiences with patients that actually saw 'the other side!'.